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TubeCurve, the most complete collection of authentic, hand-selected tube sounds, is the perfect complement to your sonic ambitions. The best in tube sound collection features hand picked and mic'd speakers as well as extensive signal path simulations. A fast and efficient way to do any tube emulation project. A simplified signal path along with a unique recursive modeling engine, the Anolog-Pro is the best choice for any one in search of an affordable tube emulation pedal. Need a personal tube amp fix? The new PE816 TubeAmp is the choice amp that offers the best combination of sonic quality and efficiency, while delivering reliable tube sound that can be dialed-in perfectly for any genre of music. The iRig GE8 is a digital guitar processor featuring dynamic high and low pass filters, 2 fully independent faders, reverb, delay, noise gate, amp modeling, master effects loop and a bus input to connect to any other device in your setup. TU Audio is a new and totally different approach to tube emulation. In addition to the many features of a conventional tube amp, TU Audio gives you access to five independent input channels and offers an incredibly versatile modeling circuit that can be manipulated in ways that traditional tube amps cannot. The Audillion 1T6 tube amp simulates classic tube amps with a combination of patchable tube circuit sims and audio effects. The device features 5 1/4" and 3 3/4" speaker outputs, and a 1" and 4 1/2" speaker inputs. The Peavey Baxandall BB650 tube amp is a powerful tube amp modeler that offers tons of unique features along with the sound quality and modeling capabilities you expect from a classic tube amp. A high-performance tube amp emulator from the designers of the Peavey 508 and V410. The PE820 Series offers a true audio-grade cab simulation experience for a wide variety of musicians. The iAudio tube amp emulator is a versatile tube amp emulation pedal offering a wealth of tube amp features to enhance your rig. The iAudio is available in both the mini and power versions, and offers both cathode and anode inputs, along with XLR outputs. The Coda Stereo 6T6 tube amp simulator allows you to create a wide variety of classic tube amp tones with ease. The device also features a very powerful effects loop allowing you to add any overdrive, distortion, and other effects in




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Peavey Revalver 4 Full Crack Antivirus

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