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Poverty rate:


out of the total population.


  • Sending country: about 1.2 million Salvadorans reside abroad, or 25% of the population, mainly in the United States (89%), Mexico (4%), and Belize (2%). 

  • Destination country: around 95,000 immigrants or 0.64% of the total population live in El Salvador. The main countries of origin are Honduras (27.77%), Guatemala (21.13%) and Nicaragua (18.61%). 

  • Transit country: Honduran migrants, and to a lesser extent Nicaraguan migrants, and migrants from Caribbean, South American, Asian, and African countries transit El Salvador en route to the United States. 

  • In 2019, El Salvador, unlike Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala, signed a cooperation agreement on immigration with the US as part of "a strategy to combat organized crime and reduce smuggling and human trafficking, as well as forced migration". It is not a "Safe Third Country" as it cannot provide asylum. 


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  • Border closures and increased surveillance measures.

  • Border security is increased to prevent irregular movements of migrants. 

  • El Salvador adopted new migration control measures on airlines  to identify coronavirus cases and create an epidemiological fence. 

  • More than 39 Health Surveillance centers have been created nationwide to contain the spread of the virus and allow citizens to remain in quarantine at home. 

  • The President decrees that people who enter the country through blind spots will face judicial charges, with the exception of the nationals.

  • The border controls have been reinforced to prevent  people coming in from blind spots. There have been 270 people arrested.


  • Deported Salvadorans have arrived on deportation flights from Mexico and the US. Upon arrival, they are being isolated, monitored, and quarantined.

  • So far, no explicit measures have been taken to support Salvadoran migrants abroad.

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